Three Rivers Historical Museum



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Yes, I said blacksmith shop! Watch for details about this exciting addition. Funded by a special grant not connected to our funding drive for the barn. The shop will be a separate building from the barn. The photo is the original Kaweah Colony shop. It would be nice to copy the original with some changes to make sure it is functioning as a working blacksmith shop.


The saloon is 8’x16’ with a door (with window) and a window so you can look inside. The original saloon was built just 35’ from the current sight in 1895 and lasted until July 1, 1919.


A 2,400 sq.ft. two story barn that will display first settler information including antique wagons. It will also be the gathering place for Museum and community events. This will be the “center piece” to the Museum Complex and once the restrooms are in place we will begin construction. We are working on additional grant requests to supplement what we already have in the bank.